Domain name basically is a unique name or address used to access a website.

For example is the unique address for accessing this website. It has three parts, the first being the prefix which is the “www”, the actual name follows and it is ended by the domain suffix.

Domain names are mostly sold at around $8 – $15 depending on where you’re are buying from. However, I am going to show you how to get a domain name for free.

It is assumed you have basic knowledge about website hosting, how to create addon and packed domains, nameservers configuration and other related stuffs


  • Logon on to
  • Enter your preferred domain (without the suffix) in the Search Bar and click on “Check availability”

  • NB: the domain name which will be given has suffix “ .tk”. Example
  • This means you’re not gonna get the top level domain suffixes Eg. com, org, net etc.
  • A list of the name you entered will appear with different domain suffixes at $0.00Locate your choice and click on “Get it now

  • Click on Checkout
  • Check the Period from 3months to 12 months and “Click continue”

  • At this stage you would have to verify your email by entering it in the required section or login if you’ve already registered.
  • After completing the verification/registration process Login to your dashboard
  • Provide the required details, accept their terms and conditions and click on “Complete Order”

  • You’ve successfully ordered your domain nameGo to the client area by clicking on the appropriate button

  • You now have to change the nameservers of this domain to point to that of your hosting account.
  • Click on “Services” on the menu and choose “My domains”
  • A list of all your registered domain names will show. In our case this is the first we’re registering
  • Click on “Manage domain”

  • On the next page Click on “Management Tools” and choose “Nameservers”
  • Check the “Use custom nameservers” option, delete those in the input fields and enter the nameservers of your hosting account here

You’re successfully done with the process

Comment any problems you face during the process for quick and prompt response. Much love from the PC BOSS ONLINE TEAM.


  • Francis Amoah Nuako

    Francis Amoah Nuako, professionally known as PC Boss, is a Ghanaian blogger and SEO expert. He is the founder of PC Boss Online, a tech blog that publishes technology-related articles primarily for Ghanaian audiences. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc Nursing) and a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc Information Technology) from the University of Health and Allied Sciences and Ghana Communication Technology University, respectively.