Why You Need a Website For Your Small Business in 2018

Are you wondering why you need a website for your business? Follow this article to the end

Question: I am a photographer, just taking pictures and covering events. Do I really need a website?
Answer: That’s a good question. My answer is simple and straightforward: Yes, if you have a business, you should have a website. Without doubt.

You don’t need a website if you’re are not interested in growing your brand.

Perhaps you’re in the generation that didn’t grow up with computers, you don’t use a computer so you think your clients don’t use as well.

Having a small business website isn’t just about selling your goods and services but also an important to succeeding online.

The web has a far wider reach than any other form of advertising.The world is fast changing and no matter the kind of business you run you still need a website.

Still not sure how a website can help grow your business?. See reasons below: [no_toc]

Website promotes you 24/7, no employee will do that.

Not everyone wants to work at 2 a.m., but some people like to shop all night. Having a business website means you can sell products and services and advertise your brand all time – No closing time for your business.


You add credibility to your brand.

No client wants to transact business with scammers. Not every business out there wishes to get a website for themselves. This means if you have one you’re a step ahead of others in terms credibility.

By having a website you can own a customized email:, although there are other ways to do that.

It is more professional and easier to remember. You may love, but it doesn’t really resonate with customers.

If you’ve had a difficult time convincing someone that you are a real, just showcase them your website. 

A medium to showcase your brand

By adding a portfolio section to your website, you can upload your works and showcase the world what you’ve got.

Of course you can advertise your brand on social media, you don’t have control on how your advert should run unless you pay. However, with a website you own and control it.


Your competitors have company websites

Studies show that once a potential customer has an idea of buying something, they start researching, and over 5.5 billion Google searches are made every day.

So if you’re not catching up with the competition, you’re giving potential customers reasons to buy from your competitor.

You are eligible to show up in Google search results

Your chances of appearing on the search engine results page (SERP) are nil, if you don’t have a website. As stated earlier, Google processes over 5.5 billion searches every day.

You will definitely be included in the search results if you have an online presence (website)


Opportunity to attract investors

No investor will waste their hard-earned money investing in a business without a website. Your website speaks for you.

Investors usually lookup on your online presence after applying for funding. They see an element of non-seriousness in the business owner if they find out you don’t own a website.

You keep customers well-informed.

Basically, think of a website as an online catalogue that can be updated any time anywhere. It is quite easier and less expensive to update information on your website than it is in printing brochure.

Because your clients know that your brand has a website, they always head there for updates. This saves you from getting phone calls after working hours.


You can target a larger audience with your website.

Whether your business is based in Accra or Johannesburg, other potential customers from Atlanta can still access your site – isn’t that interesting.

I chanced on a client from Zimbabwe and by God’s grace I had a website design contract from him. Isn’t’ that awesome?

An opportunity for data collection and analysis.

With the power of current web analytic tools, you can see the location of someone who visited your website, their age and other demographic features.

This will inform you on how to plan your next marketing campaign. You don’t need to give pieces of papers to customers for them to fill their demographic information.


Saves money in the long-term.

You don’t always have to be printing advertising banners, brochures, post cards and flyers. Once you have a website you can always update your information regardless of your financial state.

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Reasons Why You Need a Website For Your Small Business
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Reasons Why You Need a Website For Your Small Business
1. You add credibility to your brand. 2. A medium to showcase your brand. 3. Your competitors have company websites. 4, You are eligible to show up in Google search results. 5. Website promotes you 24/7, no employee will do that. 6. Opportunity to attract investors This article gives all the reasons you need to get a website for your business.
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