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How to Reduce Data Usage On Android And iPhone

Reduce data usage on Android & iPhone 

  1. Set a limit on your data usage in Android settings

Setting a limit on your monthly data usage enables you to get a notification when you exceed a specified data limit. Due to that, mobile data will be turned off when the specified limit is reached.

To limit your mobile data usage, do the following

Head over to Settings >> Data Usage >> 

Set your mobile data limit from the graph

Check the “set mobile data limit” option.


  1. Restrict app background data

Background apps consume mobile data when the smartphone is not in use. Some apps need to be given access to background data usage.

However, others don’t need to use background data at all times. Restricting background data will stop some apps and services from working unless the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. To restrict background data usage.

Head over to Settings >> Data Usage 

Click on “More” at the top right corner and tap on “Restrict background data”. This will restrict background data usage for all apps

Optionally, if you want to restrict background data for specific apps, tap on that app and tap on “restrict background data”.

This ensures that the app will consume data only when opened.


  1. Update apps over Wi-Fi only

Disabling automatic updates is a very effective way of conserving mobile data consumption. To do so

Open the Google Play Store >>Menu >> Settings >> Auto-update apps >> Update apps over Wi-Fi only


  1. Download/save YouTube videos and audios for offline view instead of streaming

While watching a video on YouTube, you can save it for offline view or download it. You don’t have to watch it online again whenever you intend to since you now have the video on your device.

  1. Use a data-efficient browser

Opera Mini helps to save data by compressing websites before it sends them to your phone. It also has some awesome features such as “video-boost” (which reduces buffering and optimizes clips).

There is also an option to reduce image quality

  1. Join useful WhatsApp groups

Lots of WhatsApp messages consume data. It is advisable to join only productive groups. This helps you to conserve data in the long run.

Rounding up

The tips above help reduce your mobile data consumption. Leave your opinions in the comment sections below and let’s get interactive.

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Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage on Android and iPhone
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Ways to Reduce Your Mobile Data Usage on Android and iPhone
Is your phone consuming too much data? This post will help you to reduce data usage on android iphone and pc. It is time to save your internet bundle.
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