Tips to avoid getting Scammed on Tonaton. Beware!

Know all the tips and tricks to avoid getting scammed on

Do you want to avoid being scammed on Tonaton ? The answer is Definity a yes. I buy almost all my electronic products online.

Up to now, I have always avoided scams by following the simple rules below.

Tonaton being the biggest classified online shop in Ghana has been greatly embraced by the Ghanaian community for the buying and selling of used and new items.

Although Tonaton has premium membership plans, you can equally join for free and post your item on the platform for any potential buyer to find.

I’ve put together all the tips and tricks you need to note to avoid getting scammed whiles shopping online.

Write your comments (experiences, lessons, tips and tricks) in the comment box below and let’s keep learning.

Get to Know the buyer or seller Well.

Although Tonaton provides the telephone number and email of the seller, you should ask for more information to know the seller better. 

Prior to meeting the buyer or seller ask for other relevant information about them to clear your doubts. Don’t over trust a stranger, else you might get duped at the end of the day.

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  • TIP #2

Meet the buyer/seller at an open place.

Don’t meet the seller or buyer in his home, it is not safe. Meet at an open and suitable place such as parks, lorry stations etc.

Whenever you feel unsafe at a particular location ask to change to a new one. If the buyer or seller disagrees, cancel the transaction.


  • TIP #3

Asked for more details of the item.

As a buyer, always ask for complete description of the item. Clear photographs and videos (if possible) should be provided by the seller to confirm the integrity of the package.

Ask for the condition, full technical specification and authenticity of the product.


  • TIP #4

Don’t carry physical cash along. Load the money onto your mobile money wallet.

It is totally unsafe to meet seller with physical cash on you. Utilize the cashless system, it is safer.

You can load the money into your MTN Mobile Money or Vodafone Cash wallet prior to meeting the seller.

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  • TIP #5

Check item well before payment.

Thoroughly check the item to your satisfaction before making payment. Once you make payment it is impossible to get your money back, there is therefore the need to check the item well.


  • TIP #6

If it looks too good to be true, walk away.

If the item looks too good to be true then its probably a scam. When price is ridiculously low, be extra careful before making a decision.


Don’t be swayed by extremely high discounts. Scammers like to drastically reduce the pricing to lure buyers. Beware!

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  • TIP #7

Don’t meet buyer/seller alone.

Always go with a friend who you can trust. He can recheck the item for you. His presence also reduces the probability of being scammed.


Use common sense.


I hope you’ve been enlightened now. You can now stay safe on Tonaton. Share these tips with all your friends, they also need to be aware.

Log on to and shop without fears. Thank you. Do visit again for all your Technology and Lifestyle updates.

Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed on Tonaton
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Tips to Avoid Getting Scammed on Tonaton
The tips and tricks you need to note to avoid getting scammed whiles shopping on TONATON. Also find cheap cars, laptops, flat screen TVs...
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