In this post I have explain into details all the THINGS TO DO AFTER BUYING A NEW LAPTOP to get the optimum performance from it. This can save you tons of frustration along the line.

A brand new laptop comes with a factory OS and a standard warranty.

To ensure you get the best out of the new laptop you’ve purchased, you need to do certain vital settings. Let’s get started

Charge your battery to full

Charging your battery to full is also key after purchasing your new laptop. If you treat your battery with care, it’ll last longer.

However, with lithium batteries, it doesn’t matter how long you charge before using.

This wasn’t the case with nickel-based batteries, which had to be fully charged the first time. Most batteries now are Lithium ion batteries. You should know your battery!


  • Install or Update the OS (Windows, MacOS etc)

Brand new laptops comes bundled with a factory or default operating system (OS) which is installed at the time of manufacturing. This means when you buy a laptop five years after the manufacturing date, you’re using the Windows installed during the time of production.

It is a basic requirement to install a new and up-to-date Operating System to ensure everything is running smoothly.

An updated system ensures that your laptop is free from bugs, malware and unwanted software.

NB: It is recommended that you partition your hard drive during the installation process.


  • Install an Antivirus Program

It’s recommend that you first install a new antivirus whenever you do a new Windows installation or update. Computer malware keeps rising, that’s why there is always the need to keep your system free from threat.

You can download antivirus from online or buy from a software shop. Once installed make sure you perform periodic updates to ensure safety. Popular antivirus you can use are Windows Defender, AVG Antivirus, Avast and Kaspersky.


  • Install other programs

You can proceed to install other programs you’ll need on your laptop. There are tons of software on the internet, some paid, others free. Basic software to install include Word Processing software, Multimedia software, Spreadsheet application etc.


  • Register for warranty

It is recommending you register your new product on vendor’s website to be eligible for warranty claims and other offers on the laptop. You’re required to enter few details of the laptop: serial number, purchase date, model number etc. It varies with vendors.


  • Protect your laptop

If you’re going to use the laptop in rough conditions, you must buy screen and body protectors to protect your laptop from scratches and other damages.

  • Create automatic backup

Backups is a great feature to protect all your important data. Windows OS has a built-in feature that enables you to back up and then restore the data at later time. To do this head to Windows Settings > Updates & Security > Backup


  • Set up your user account     

Unless you’re the only one going to use the laptop, it is recommended you set up different account for other users. To do this navigate to Settings > Accounts > Family and Other Users

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1. Install or Update Windows OS 2. Install an antivirus software 3. Install other programs 4. Charge your battery to full 5. Register for warranty 6. Protect your laptop 7.Create automatic backup 8.Set up your user account
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