SendPulse Startup Accelerator Program. $5,000 grant for email marketing development

SendPulse, an internet company is giving $5000 grant on email campaigns, push notifications and SMTP services to registered startups.


You will receive comprehensive assistance in the development of email marketing in your startup completely for free. Below are details of the benefits:

$5,000 Grant -This money will be added to your account. You can use the grant for any SendPulse services except for SendPulse SMS

Expertise From Specialists – Receive mentoring from SendPulse experts and assistance in building email marketing strategies for your startup.

Corporate Template Creation– Taking into account all your wishes, our designer will design and create for you a unique corporate email template for your mailings

Personal Tutor – They gonna teach you how to implement marketing strategies and how to create autoresponders, and we will help you to customize the service to suit your needs.


Mush have an innovative product on the market

Product should not have been in existence on the market for more than 3 years

The startup in not an online shop or a conventional online business

Duration of the program: The grant is provided for one year. Any unused money at the expiration of this period will disappear from your account.

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