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Make Money From WhatsApp Status Views with WhatsAd

Make money from WhatsApp status views with WhatsAd

Before I proceed let me make it clear to readers that this is legit and there is no form of scam in this. Just follow the article to the end and get informed. Thanks

It is obvious you spend most of your day on WhatsApp. The question is: Do you get paid for using your WhatsApp?

In the course of using WhatsApp you often visit the status section to check your friends’ statuses.

There is the this app changing the way we all use our WhatsApp statuses. The app is called WhatsAd

Buckle up whiles I take you through everything you need to know about WhatsAd. Let’s get started.

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What is WhatsAd

It is a newly introduced app changing the face of whatsapp marketing. It allows you to make money whiles displaying ads on your status, as simple as that. Want to know how it works? Go to the next section


How does WhatsAd work?

You can join as a marketer or an Advertiser. Let’s see the difference between the two

Marketer: The user that posts Ads on their WhatsApp status and get paid for that. The Ads are submitted by the Advertisers.

In a nutshell, the Advertiser pays the marketer.

How to Register with WhatsAd

It’s very simple to register and start earning.

Download the app from google playstore via (

  • Click on start marketing. This will take you to the sign up page  


  • Fill out the necessary details and proceed.

whatsad how make money from whatsapp

Watch the videos below if you face any challenge in the registration process.

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Watch this video to see how a Marketer can register to make money


Watch this video to see how to create an Ad post as an Advertiser


Sign into your account after successful registration and start browsing ads you can choose from.

dashboard WhatsAd


As a Marketer, you are required to get at least 50 views on your status when you post an Ad.

Once you exceed 50 views, you then take a screenshot and upload it to your WhatsAd account dashboard.

You will be credited in your account balance. Once your earnings gets to GHS 5 or above, a withdrawal button will show. Tap on it and wait for approval.

You’ll receive your money in your mobile money account. Just make sure you’ve set your mobile money account in your profile.


How much does WhatsAd pay?

A marketer is paid GHS 0.50 for each Ad he posts. You’re paid directly via mobile money It works well for you if you get a lot of views on your status.


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How much does it cost to upload an ad as an advertiser?

The advertiser is required to have at least GHS 10 in his account before he can post an Ad. With GHS 10 your Ad will be served to 10 marketers, GHS 20 to 20 marketers, and so on


Join their official WhatsApp group for more information

For more information visit their official website —>

How to Make Money From Your WhatsApp Status View Using WhatsAd
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How to Make Money From Your WhatsApp Status View Using WhatsAd
Make Money From WhatsApp Status Views. You can earn some cash by just posting ads on your whatsapp status and getting paid. See how. Follow article to end.
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