Know how Google works to get best search results

As we all know Google is in involved in a lot tech stuff from mobile, web to gadgets and other cool stuff. Primarily, Google is known for its search engine functionality. Google is undoubtedly the biggest search engine in our time, as it processes 40,000 and over search queries every second –

image source: google

Though its easy to search for anything on the internet using google search, but question is: are the search results what you really wanted or were looking for?. Its sometimes really annoying to keep changing keywords to get whatever we are searching. Well! these issues may not be google’s fault because they do their ultimate best to return the perfect result based on your search. So knowing how Google works will help you to search right and get the best result.

Let’s start, Google is basically like an index at the back of a book where every word in the book are arrange with its co-responding location in the book. Whiles book’s own are done manually and after the book is done, Google does that with web crawlers and even before you you decide to type a word any where on the internet. The Google work on this basic system;

  1. Crawling and Indexing   2. Search Algorithms    3. Useful Responses

Crawling and indexing: Google searches first for everything on the internet before you decide to search for anything on the internet. Its bots are constantly crawling on every web page on the internet and further follow every link to pick every word in the form of keywords. After that, these words are indexed into their appropriate keywords. These crawlers can access every web page and link only if it do not have robot.txt or the unfollow tag – not the twitter and facebook tags, lol, the developers understand. Therefore the first thing to keep in mid when searching the web using Google is keywords. Let your phrase or sentence contain the appropriate keywords relevant to what you are looking for.

Search Algorithms: These are programs at Googles data centers which structure and process their indices to give accurate and meaningful result. These algorithms has been developed using user experiences and human interactions. Major work here are; analyzing your words, marching your search, ranking useful pages, considering context and returning the best result.

 image source: google – how google programs analyze words 

At this point your keywords are analyzed using in terms of language – semantics and grammar, wording and the scope of search query. It is then marched against your previous searches and your frequent activity on the internet. No wonder at times you may get social media post as a search results. After that, base on the scope of your search query and context, Google prioritize useful links and return best of hits (results). These operation are done within milliseconds as you type to give suggestion and auto complete.

Last is the useful responses you get, which you have to agree is subjective but to some extent it is because of what you asked it to search. 

So in that effect your search results depending on how relevant it is to what you were looking for, depends on you. Now if you are search the internet using Google make sure your keywords right.

Some tips on the side:

  • Google can take up to 32 phrases – good in searching quotes
  • You can use plus and minus sign to add and exclude keywords
  • You can search Google using voice – just say what you want to search
  • You use image to search
  • In cases of file search specify file type to narrow search query
  • Adding particular file extension improve file searching results, eg .exe, .txt
  • Make sure the context of the search make meaning 

Now enjoy the unlimited possibilities using Google Search.