IT Guy Wows The Internet, Builds a Website To Propose to Lover

There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved by the right People…
One of Ghanaian Young and finest Programmer, Network and Cyber Security Expert Alfred R. Bennett popularly know as Alfie Reigns has demonstrated a sparkling breeze of Love.

He designed a full fluid website, Purchased a domain and hosted it live with encryption Just to propose to the love of His Life.
The Website which comes with beautiful User Interface is responsive and features images of this Lovely Couple, love notes, Love Timelines, Proposal Instructions amongst others.
In one of His discussions on the Young IT Professionals and Programmershub Whatsapp pages, He stated; “You can Be a High end Programmer and still have a life, Who said programmers don’t have a life, well we know how to love and show love in an original way, lol”.

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Alfie Reigns is part of the panels on Joyfms Geeksquad, he also write, dance, act and direct stage plays among others. Alfie Reigns is one of the coolest Tech Enthusiasts you will ever come across and irrespective of your IT Challenges, he provide a solution.
Take a look at the website here and if you are wowed and want to have something sleek as that don’t hesitate to contact Alfie Reigns.
PC Boss Online wish him all the best in his coming adventures…

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