How to effectively use WhatsApp Business for your business (Review)

As always PC Boss is committed to making available to you the very best of information in the world of tech, PC Boss will want to share with you a tool from the makers whatsApp messaging app which was rolled onto the market just the beginning of this year.

WhatsApp Business was introduced by whatsApp as messaging app for business with same feature as their normal messaging app – whatsApp but tailored to suit businesses. The app was introduced late last year available for testing in some european, asian and american countries. On a successful testing it was rolled onto market available to everyone at the various mobile app store that is play store, apple store, etc. Though, it has not received much attention as its parent app, on trying my hands on it I realized it’s a great app for business. So taught it wise to share a full review of it, particularly on how to utilize it in your business.

To start off, I think first head to the application store of your mobile OS and search for WhatsApp Business, download and install it and let’s get kicking.

After installing, since it has same features as it parent WhatsApp you will be directed to go through setting up the app, that is your phone number but in this case your business number. If you want to use the same number for both app, it will accept but not as a secondary account but specifically for whatsApp business since whatsApp dont allow for double account with one number. Then your name, which also is your business name. To preserve credibility as per naming of businesses whatsApp will warn you or tell you that the name can not be change after setting it up so make sure its the right and correct name but well.. you can change it later and the system will accept but you may never be confirmed as there is that feature if your number is found to be a credible business number. This feature is good for business, isn’t it? Imagine if someone store your business number and it shows your business is credible one and it has been confirmed by whatsApp, how cool will that be. A profile picture or display picture will be require as it is in whatsApp, but it is optional yet, filling there with you business logo or picture won’t be a bad idea.

Moving on, now the app is set and ready to go into business for your business… yeah! For your contacts, since its a spin off the normal whatsApp you have been using since, all your contact available on whatsApp will be available to your whatsApp business without them necessarily having whatsApp business. The good thing is, if you used a different number for your business, you will have contacts who have your business number and those with your non-business contact all available to you. With your chat, it wont import chat from your normal whatsApp into this one even if you used the same number for both, since they are considered as different accounts but later chats will be shown in both app if your are using the same number.

Now, let’s get to some customization to make it more business oriented then the traditional whatsApp you are using now. As already stated it just a spin off the traditional whatsApp, so it has all available feature such as voice and video call, status or story that is the video, text and image stream, the emoji – all that is available in whatsApp, voice note messaging, group creation and all other available whatsApp features. Lets go to the settings, there we can make it more business oriented. In the settings, go to business settings There you have settings tailored to setting up a business oriented whatsApp. There you have the profile, which you will use to build a detailed business profile for yourself building on what you provided earlier. The first screen you will see is a summary of your business profile. It will shows, if your account is a business account or not which obviously it is and indicate whether it is confirmed or not confirmed with a tick in a green background badge for confirmed business and question mark in a faded ash badge for unconfirmed. So now lets edit it to suit our business profile by clicking on the pencil in the top-right of your profile picture. Here you will have to provide your profile picture if you don’t have it there already or you can update it. You fill in your business category, location using the map to point to your business location, a small bio of your business or if want anything to describe the business when customers check on you, the working hours, email and website of the business. You can add as many website you want since there is a button to add more, though i didn’t check to see its maximum limit. Then save it and yeah you have a nice business profile to show to your client when you give them your business number, how cool is that.

Next, is the messaging tools settings, which is the amazing part to me. Well, I think this part will need much more work to be done to it, like allowing developers to start adding much more responsive chat bot as it seems to the main aim of this particular feature. Within the business settings, you will have the next group of settings called the messaging tools. This have three sub-settings that is the away message, welcome messages and quick replies. In the away message, whatsApp gives you the opportunity to cook up a message that will automatically reply to your customers when your not available or offline. The content of this message is your choice but they have template already there which you can follow. Then, the welcome message, it gives you the opportunity to write out a message to welcome your customers and/or client the moment they send you a message. This one too the choice of content depends on you, but also there is a template for you to build on. Very nice and handy. For instance, if you own a catering business it can be employed to receive order. The last option in the messaging tool is the quick replies. Well, this part I dont really get what was the primary purpose. Though you get to know more about it when you start to use it. Its just to help and prevent you from typing repeated messages as your business may have particular messages it always send out. So this one is all up to you to create a particular message with a content that is a reply to your clients messages. You will add the keyboard command to pull that message but the command follows a format of / plus the name of the reply message. Example, in a catering business, maybe your regular reply to a customer after an order is made is : “thanks for buying from us… hope to see you next time.” So instead of typing this over and over again where maybe the wording can change for different customers because you are human and thoughts do change. You can save yourself that hustle and just save it as a quick reply and you will just you the keyboard command to pull it to reply to customers with typing over and over again… save of time huh!

So apart from the business settings all other available setting are just that of the traditional whatsApp. On the side there is a feature though not that relevant but comes very handy. the labels. The labels allow you to add tags of labels to customers, messages and media to indicate maybe category or type of some anything so you can organise your stuff very well. There are default labels such as new customer, pending payment, etc and you can add as many as it suit your business. Just find this in the top right corner of your chat home screen in the menu three button.

Generally, whatsApp business is a very cool app for your business especially small businesses. So start thinking of installing and using it and you can add it to your website so people can contact your business directly when they get it from the website. I think whatsApp should do more about it also, like making it possible to add a link from it to your website so when its clicked on the customer can have a live chat with your business and they should add a couple of magic to the messaging tool to make it more of a chatbot.

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