Does your body gestures and postion affect mobile phone signal reception

We all will testify to the fact that we have in one way or the other acted a bit awkward that moment we needed some cellular bars to appear on our phones so we make that call. These gestures includes raising the phone up high into the skies, moving around and all those funny body positioning or gesture.

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The question is, does all those gestures really work? Well! maybe a yes or a no, but lets learn a bit about positioning and gesture as mobile phone signal reception is concerned.

Ashely Carman, a writer at The Verge, spoke to a Rice University professor of electrical and computer engineering – Lin Zhong on this topic. Lin told him that, cell reception is mostly homogenous around us. Lifting the arm or raising the phone up high does not change cellular service reception but walking can get you some additional bar, especially when your in the city. He added, cellular reception in cities can be questionable because buildings affect how signals reach your device. Walking even a few feet might change how the signal reaches you.

So now you know what really help to increase or get a bar to make that call when you really need it. Raising your arm high with the phone wont help so stop doing it, just move to an open place if you are in crowded area either trees, buildings or people – everybody have a phone nowadays, lol, open windows when you are in a room or a few steps away from your current spot will get you that bars of signal needed for that call

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