Are some keys on your computer keyboard not working? Remap them easily using this method

keyboard shortcut

Keyboard remapping is simply assigning the function/value of one key to another.  For example, assuming your letter “A” is not working, you can give its value to any other key, say “F5”.


SharpKeys (An application we will be using for the remapping). Download from HERE


Download, Install and Open the “SharpKeys” software

Click on the “Add” option

Now select from the left side the key you want to change its value to that of the faulty key’s value. You can either type it or choose it from the list

Select the faulty key from the right side

Click “OK

Click on “Write to Registry

A notification showing a successful remap will pop up

Restart the system to apply changes

After restart you will realize the faulty key’s value has been successfully assigned to the other key

You are successfully done with remapping your key