About Us

PC BOSS IT Solutions gave birth to PC BOSS ONLINE in July 2017.

PC BOSS ONLINE,  is a leading media platform/blog dedicated to technology in Ghana, startups, entrepreneurship, electronics review, business and innovation in Ghana.

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We are a dedicated technology website which covers everything related to technology, especially in Ghana and Africa at large.

Our team is made up of passionate individuals who tells the technology story as it is.

We provide tutorials on how to accomplish simple to advanced tasks on PC, Mac and Linus as well as mobile phones.

We also feed our users with the latest technology news in and outside Ghana.

Apart from doing all the above, we provide the following value-added services at very affordable fees:

  1. Website design / development
  2. SEO services
  3. Mobile application development
  4. Graphic design (logo, flier)
  5. Laptop Hardware repair services.


For general inquiries contact us on 0203256997 OR SEND US a WhatsApp message on +233 (0) 241 648 023

EMAIL: [email protected]