30+ Windows Shortcut Keys to Boost Your Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts comes in handy when one wants to complete a task within the shortest possible time on his/her laptop.
People mostly perform repetitive which could have been prevented with some shortcuts. We’ve compiled 30+ windows keyboard shortcuts that can accelerate your productivity.
Almost all shortcut keys are have been included in this post.
Check them out.NB: win = windows logo key (check image below)
 windows shortcut keys

List of Windows Shortcut Keys

 Win + E opens windows file explorer
alt + f4  closes the current window
 alt + tab  enables switching between different opened tasks
 ctrl + alt + del  opens the windows manager
 win + tab  helps to switch between different tasks
 f1  opens a help windows
 ctrl + x  cuts a highlighted item and saves to clipboard
 ctrl + c  copies a highlighted item and saves to clipboard
 ctrl + v  pastes a copied or cut item
 win + r  opens the RUN window
 win + w  opens Microsoft INK WORKSPACE. You can see sticky notes, sketch pad and screen sketch in this space
 win + i  opens the SETTINGS window
 win + u  opens EASE OF ACCESS settings
 win + L  locks the laptop (have to enter password to unlock)
 win + f  opens the feedback hub
 win + d  hide/show all active windows/tasks
 win + a  opens Microsoft ACTION CENTER
 f2  rename a highlighted item
 f5 desktop refresh
 win + 1  opens the first app pinned to the task bar. win + 2 opens the second and so on
 ctrl + alt + “+”  increases desktop icon size (zoom out)
 ctrl + alt + “-“  decreases desktop icon size (zoom in)
 ctrl + a  selects all items
 del  deletes a highlighted item
 win + “+”  magnifies (zoom out) the current window
 win + “-“  zoom in the current window
 ctrl + prntscrn screenshots (prints) the current screen and saves to the clipboard
 ctrl + alt + enter  opens the properties of a highlighted item
 win + enter  opens windows narrator
 shift + a  selects an item on the desktop which has “A” as the first character. SHIFT + B  select item “B” as first character and so on

Hope you now know most of the windows shortcut keys?

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